Introduction of C Language

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C language is the first language of the PC system which was developed between 1969 and 1973 by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Telephone Laboratories. The primarily development of ‘C’ occurred in AT&T Bell Laboratories. In 1978 Brain Kernighan and Ritchie printed a definitive description of the language observed to as K & R version of C. Various C compilers and interpreters had been written for various operational systems. This created some minor incompatibilities among totally different implementations of the language. That’s reason, the ANSI (American National Standard Institute) worked on a typical (standard) version of C language.

C has diverse data types for diverse types of data and can be broadly classified as:

1. Primary data types
2. Secondary data types
These above broadly classified data types are well illustrated at below Image…
C Data Types
C is an all purpose programming language. It is equally suitable for generating higher level applications and lower level applications. C language encourages the users to write their own library function so that they can extend the features of the language and C program can be executed on any type of computers. The program written in C language can be converted into machine language more efficiently. Computer games can be generated in C language which is accomplished through the usage of sound graphics. Both low and high level programming can be done in C language. C language is the address manipulation which can be done through the usage of pointers. C is simple, fast, and efficient, the first stage for a programmer. C is close to hardware.

Why we have a tendency to use C firstly?

In today’s world of computer languages, there are several high-level languages to decide on from, like Pascal, BASIC, and Java. However C stands excluding of these languages. This is often owing to its several fascinating qualities. It’s a strong language whose wealthy set of constitutional functions and operators is wont to write any complicated logic program. The C language compiler combines the capabilities of an occasional (low) level language with the options of a high level language. so the language is appropriate for writing each system code still as business packages & different code. You’ll several compilers offered within the market written in C.

The general way to write program in ‘C’ as-

void main ()
   printf (“Hello”);
Here, output will – Hello


Through this way, programs can be written in “C Language”. Programs are of several types in ‘C’ as switch case programs, array programs, pointer programs, functions programs etc. All have different uses on different places.


Finally, C is the primary common language of Computer System…


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