On Golden Jubilee eve of 1965 War, Capt Amarinder makes passionate appeal to Modi for OROP

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CHANDIGARH, August 26:Congress Deputy Leader in the Lok Sabha Capt Amarinder Singh today made a passionate appeal to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to announce one rank one pension for the veterans, reminding him that when the country was celebrating the Golden Jubilee of the 1965 War and rightly glorifying the performance and achievements of its armed forces, it cannot treat the veterans, who are the same people who won the country that war, with such an appalling apathy and indifference.

“It is sad and unfortunate that we are not treating our veterans and war heroes the same way we are glorifying their sacrifices and achievements”, Capt Amarinder said in a statement issued here today, adding, “it reflects so badly on the nation that while on the one hand we are celebrating their achievements  to mark the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the War, on the other hand we are showering lathis on them just because they have been asking what has been promised to them long ago”.

Capt Amarinder, who has himself actively participated in the 1965 War on the Western front, stated that most of those people who participated in 1965 action are veterans today, seeking OROP. He said, the greatest tribute and part of the celebration of the victory should be an acknowledgment and gratitude towards those who made it happen. “And announcing the OROP shall be the best tribute not only to our veterans, but as an acknowledgment by a grateful nation towards its soldiers who have given whole of their lives to make us feel safe and secure in our homes”, he said, while hoping that the Prime Minister will not disappoint the nation by not announcing the OROP during the 1965 War Golden Jubilee celebrations.


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